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Aesthetic of prototypes

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Protoway - Estetica dei prototipi
Protoway - Estetica dei prototipi

Surface treatments
To meet the aesthetic demands in motorcycle and automotive sectors, we specialize in surface finish of the prototypes, in order to acheive aesthetic results exactly as customer request.
We can provide for all prototypes:

aesthetic painting:
putty fill and finishing, primer application and extra finishing before the final coating application.
We can provide sample varnishes: polished, opaque, pearl and with rubbery effect.
In the photo beside you can see a finish charged with aluminum painting giving a sparkling effect.

We provide a service for prototypes CUBICATURA (also called DIPPATURA, DIP PRINTING, WATER TRANSFER PRINTING), it consists in the pre-application of  film to a object, to give  anykind of appearance: wood, aluminum, carbon, circles, flowers etc. . or a design you created. Here, alongside a sample of a sintered motorcycle fender in PA with a tribal cubicatura. Below are some examples of cubicatura made on prototypes in sintered  PA.

metallic finish:
We can give the prototypes (including sintered PA) a crome look for the production of headlights, grilles,radiators,taps and general components. (metalizing  chamber size: diameter  450 mm times 800 mm in length).

Sintered body with satin paint
Frame with glossy coating
Transparent stereolithography
Sintered part with metallic finish

In the photo below, testing of prototype parable assembly (sintered and metallized) on the prototype sintered chassis.

Protoway - Estetica dei prototipi
Protoway - Estetica dei prototipi
Protoway - Estetica dei prototipi

All this is to offer customers demanding a prototype that can safely tackle any event where aesthetics makes the difference (fairs, exhibitions, presentations, photo etc.)

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