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Galvanic coatings

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Galvanic coatings
Through a galvanic bath whe can cover our prototypes with Copper and Nickel.
The prototypes may be built with any material, but not in Nylon charged with aluminium (PA+AL)
Therefore parts in sintered PA, duplicates from silicone mould (also of wax), parts in plastic obtained for metalwork or from thermoforming can be coated with following layers of copper and/or nickel, starting from 0.1 mm up to 0.5 mm and over. For larger  thickness we will start loosing in definition.

Therefore the coating is substantial and solves forms of mechanical resistance, thermal and electrical conduction of the plastic materials.

The process is applicable to complex geometry, within the galvanic technology limits: point effect, galvanic screening, etc.

Once the coating is done, the parts are clear varnished to prevent oxidation.

Working dimensions: up to 1900 x 2400 mm.

Application fields:

  • anywhere mechanical resistance is required for complexed parts, hardly atteinable with mechanical workmanship or foundry works;

  • looks and metal simulation, for example in the automotive field images of motor parts;

  • tanks, tubs and bins: a wax expendable core is created (from silicone mould or directly with 3D printers for complex geometry) or in polystyrene (for large parts) to be coated in nickel.

  • Functional engine parts (intake air duct, manifolds, clutch carter, etc.).

  • Special parts for wind tunnel testing.

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