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Protoway - Lavorazioni meccaniche

Mechanical working
Our new CNC milling machine is fully operational. With a working table of 1650x930mm it is the perfect tool for prototype production (or small series) of polystyrene packing blocks, wood insignia, big resin maquettes, thermoforming moulds.

This machine has been added to our equipped mechanical workshop, where we produce prototypes and small series by lathing and milling (3 - 4 - 5 CNC axles).

Mould milled for thermoforming windshield IRIS

Milled PolyStyrene foam raw maquette (1:4) scale Ford Capri

See if the machine is available, click here!

Protoway - Lavorazioni meccaniche
Protoway - Lavorazioni meccaniche
Protoway - Lavorazioni meccaniche
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