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Quick Sand Casting

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Quick Sand Casting

We create prototypes thanks to 3D polymerization molding machines, similar to the Nylon laser sintering machine, whereby it's possible to produce complex elements in polymerized refractory material. These elements are used as disposable molds to create jets of also very intricate shapes  in the following materials: cast iron- spheroidal graphite cast iron-bronze-brass-aluminum. This can be used for jets of large dimensions and weight (also over a development of a  meter and 50 kilos of weight). The granular refractory is worked layer by layer, in analogy of what we know about sintering Nylon powder, but the cohesion of the single grains is obtained through cold polymerization (with  catalyst) which produces non deformed and tensioned directly assembled in one complete mold to be used in the foundries.  This ensures the best replica of the mechanical characteristics of the prototypes.


Aluminum - Cast Iron - Spheroidal Cast Iron

Maximum size:

1800 x 1000 x 700 mm

Time of completion:
9-14 working days

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