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Reverse Engineering

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Reverse Engineering
What is reverse engineering
RE allows to obtain measurements of a object and insert them inside a CAD to be modified for your needs. It allows a craftsman to digitize his creation and then modify it in the pieces and measures  wanted.

We use full range of ATOS 3D topometric optical scanning systems; applicable on all the most complex 3D shapes, with great experience expecially of:
- Moulds and tools 3D scanning alongside molding machines
- Huge aerospace and naval structure
- Automotive and motorcycle master models high definition digitizing

Starting from a STL file coming from a optical scanning session, mathematical reconstruction of the model surface (A and B class) is certified with the physical model.
- Working Volumes: up to 10m³ - Precision: up to 0.02mm - Samplings: 0.01mm

3D Modeling
Following your directions, we can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids with no limits on complexity, degree, or size, using RHINO v4 or CATIA v5 or UG. To avoid falling into a trivial conflict  of interest, we do not deal with design and do not resolve issues related to engineering and functionality of the parties.

Characteristics of structured light 3D scanner:
2 fields of acquisition in manual configuration, 300 x 200 mm and 400 x 300 mm, 4 cameras, structured light technology
Resolution: 0,19 / 0,21 mm, 0,29 / 0,30 mm - Accuracy: 0.025 / 0.035 mm - Acquisition scanner in single or duo.

Sample File of type of modeling you obtain:
You can download the file and try to edit them to point out the differences of the two types of files.

Class a: modeling example Protoway_ModelloClasseA.stp

Class b: sample modeling Protoway_ModelloClasseB (multipatch).stp

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