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Stereolithography SLA

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Stereolithography (SLA)
What is Stereolithography
It is a technique based on photopolymerized liquid resins UV sensible to laser radiation; it allows to produce practical and esthetical prototypes.

Our transparent stereolithography is well known to be one of the most transparent on the market, thanks to the material quality and to the maniacal finish they go through.

Tolerances: ± 0,2% ± 0,2mm
Minimum wall thickness: 0,5 mm
Delivery time: 3-5 days
from order and producibile 3d files (may change according to dimensions and requested specifications).

All stereolitography parts are finished and measured to give best quality on product. If needed, assembly check is always included; all aesthetic treatments are available, from paint to metalization or application of pre-film.

Our watershed transparent stereolitography is one of the most transparent you can find on the market, thanks to extraordinary material quality and to maniacal hand finish level.

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STEREOLITOGRAPHY materials available
technical features
stereolithography like ABS (2200 MPa - Black)
stereolithography like ABS shockproof (1600 MPa - translucent blue)
flexible stereolithography like rubber about 80-85 ShA (dark gray-black color)
high stiffness stereolithography (about 3300 MPa - amber-yellow)
ceramic loaded stereolithography
similar PC stereolithography
similar stereolithography PP (820 MPa - yellowish color)
transparent stereolithography like ABS (2200 MPa - transparent opal)

transparent stereolithography "like glass" is made with a post process starting from SLTR
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