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Traditional Modeling

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Protoway differs from many other prototyping services thanks to the traditional modeling department. Our modeling staff  is highly specialized, since 1990, it is dedicated to hand  made prototypes.  This is our main department and the most important one as it is here where our prototypes come to life. From sintering to stereolithography, from thermoforming to 3D printing,  come the normal pieces of plastic and resin like all services know how:they  then become prototypes in the hands of our modellers, are inspected, sanded and finished.
In the case of complex prototypes, where some parts are made with different technologies (CNC milled, sintering, thermoforming, or rubber parts for example) it is clear that without our modeling department it would be impossible to assemble, verify  heterogeneous  parts in their complex, and package the finished product perhaps ready for an exhibition. Plastering, painting, fiberglass, bonding, processing of wood and plastic are techniques learned through the years and now taken for granted.

Modelleria Tradizionale -
Protoway di Ing. A. Mineo S.r.l.
Via del laghetto, 33
33080 Porcia (PN) Italy
P.I. 01573810932
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