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Vacuum casting

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Protoway - Repliche da stampi in silicone

Vacuum casting
Our new KLM vacuum casting machine is fully operational. It will increase our department productivity.
We can supply PU castings from silicone mould.
This technology is ideal for the production of small series (up to a few hundred pieces), using materials with characteristics very close to those of production.
Assembly verification service is always included when needed and all final aesthetic treatments are available.

Availability machines and materials:
V400AD total volume 360 x 400 x 460 mm
V1000 Standard
total volume 1200 x 600 x 400 mm
Polyurethane materials with characteristics similar to the final, including:
Material self-extinguishing
Materials for food
Materials uploaded
Transparent materials
Elastic material

See if the machine is available, click here!

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